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April 19, 1960 


July 19, 1960 










May 23, 1960 
June 20, 1960 

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April 19, 1960 


July 19, 1960 



May 23, 1960 
June 20, 1960 



(Listed in the order in which they 
1— P. L. Clark, H. R. 18— N. H. Flowers 
2— J. L. Fairly, H. R. 19— L. C. Moore, F 
3-D. Lee Williamson, 20— C. L. Kirby 


F. M. 
4— J. W. Miller 
5 — M. C. MacQueen 
6— E. B. Carr, H. R. 
7— N. P. Farrior 
8— W. H. Allison 
9 — F. M. Thompson, 

H. R. 
10— L. A. Taylor 


-J. F. Clark 
-C. W. Worth 
-J. S. Walkup 
-H. H. Hilton 
-Ben L. Rose 
-R. H. Erwin 

27— R. K. Johnson 
28— E. G. Connette 
29— J. M. Irvine 

11— F. W. Lewis, H. R. 30— R. J. Wilkins 

12— W. H. Goodman 
13— B. F. Hall 
14— N. G. Stevens, 

H P 
15— W. F. F. Little 
16— M. J. McChesney 
17— P. C.Oliver, 

Chap. U. S. N. 

Name, Year Organized 
Acme, 1892 
Antioch, 1925 
Ashwood, 1922 
Baker, 1934 
Bethany, 1944 
Beth Car, 1819 
Bethel, 1924 
Beulaville, 1917 
Black River, 1740 
Bladenboro, 1889 
Bowden, 1905 
Brunswick, 1947 
Burgaw, 1879 
Calypso, 1903 
Cape Fear, 1944 
Carolina Beach, 1943 
Caswell, 1858 
Chadbourn, 1897 
Chapel on Board- 
walk, 1952 
Chinquapin, 1884 
Clarkton, 1795 
Croatan, 1884 
Currie, 1914 
Delgado, 1916 
Elizabethtown, 1834 
Elkton, 1917 
Faison, 1857 
Graves Mem., 1838 

31— C. H. McLean 
32— D. B. Jenkins 
33— F.A.Elliott 
34— L. W. Kessler 
35— J. R. MacKinnon 
36—1. H. Rawls 
37— H.T.Lewis 
38— W.E.Pauley 


Name, Year Organized 
Grove, 1736 
Hallsville, 1900 
Harmony, 1887 
Harper-South'd, 1945 
Hebron, 1886 
Holly Grove, 1914 
Hopewell, 1800 
Immanuel, 1895 
Jacksonville, 1911 
Lake Waccamaw, 1921 
Maple Hill, 1887 
McClure Mem., 1940 
Morehead City, 1929 
Mt. Horeb, 1843 
Mt. Olive, 1878 
Mt. Williams, 1845 
Mt. Zion, 1858 
Myrtle Grove, 1944 
New Hope, 1889 
Oakdale, 1933 
Oak Grove, 1952 
Oak Plains, 1859 
Page's Mill, 1946 
Pearsall Mem., 1914 
Pike, 1856 
Pineland, 1953 
Pink Hill, 1917 
Pleasant View, 1924 
Pollocksville, 1868 

were received) 
39— Charles Williams 
40— W. H. Terry 
41— W.P.Burns 
42— E. F. Torsch, F. M. 
43— E. B. Davis, 

Chap. U. S. N. 
44— J. C. Wagner 
45— W. M. Schotanus 
46— H. L. Willis 
47— F. M. Womack, Jr. 
48— R. W. Graham 
49 — Adolf Otersen 
50— G. F. Sowerby 
51 — L. A. Richardson 
52— J. E. Atwood 
53— H. L. Reaves 
54_W. C. Vaughan 
55 — J. R. Holshouser 

Name, Year Organized 
Potts Mem., 1945 
Rockfish, 1756 
Rocky Point, 1922 
Salem, 1958 
St. Andrews, 1858 
Ch. of Covenant, 1918 

Merged — 1944 
Smith, 1895 
Southport, 1902 
South River, 1796 
Stanford, 1892 
Stafford Mem., 1951 
Tabor City, 1944 
Teachey, 1902 
Topsail, 1871 
Trinity, 1954 
Wallace, 1884 
Warsaw, 1884 
Westminster, 1920 

(Wilmington), 1954 
White Plains, 1850 
Whiteville First, 1869 
Wildwood, 1898 
Willard, 1915 
Wilmington First, 1817 
Winter Park, 1913 
Woodburn, 1924 


Charles R. Brindell, J. Wessell Brown, Hugh Evans, George Gainey, 
Roger Home, Edward Johnson, Edward Lewis, Jr., William McDonald, 
Charles A. Norwood, Timothy Outlaw, J. Leon Simmons, Jr., A. P. Win- 
frey III. 



The 210th Stated Meeting of Wilmington Presbytery met at 
Camp Monroe, near Laurinburg, N. C, at 10:30 a.m., April 
19, 1960. The meeting was opened with prayer. 

A special program of inspiration and information was pre- 
sented by the Camp and Conference Centre Committee, which 
included a tour of Camp Monroe. 

Presbytery convened at 2 p.m. with the singing of the hymn 
"Rise Up, O Men of God", the Rev. E. G. Connette, Jr., retiring 
Moderator, presiding. 

The roll was called. The following ministers were enrolled: 
J. W. Miller, N. P. Farrior, L. A. Taylor, W. H. Goodman, B. F. Hall, 
N. G. Stevens, N. H. Flowers, Fitzhugh Clark, C. W. Worth, J. S. Walkup, 
H. H. Hilton, R. H. Erwin, R. K. Johnson, E. G. Connette, J. M. Irvine, 
R. J. Wilkins, C. H. McLean, D. B. Jenkins, F. A. Elliott, L. W. Kessler, 
J. R. MacKinnon, I. H. Rawls, H. T. Lewis, W. E. Pauley, Charles 
Williams, W. H. Terry, W. P. Burns, W. M. Schotanus, H. L. Willis, 
Adolf Otersen, G. F. Sowerby, L. A. Richardson, J. E. Atwood, H. L. 

The following Ruling Elders were enrolled: 

Winter Park, William Lucas; Burgaw, D. N. Lucas; Hallsville, Walter 
Miller; Grove, H. V. Wells; Harper Southerland, Nick Smith; Lake 
Waccamaw, John M. Formyduval; Pink Hill, J. A. Worley; Graves Mem- 
orial, Lauchlin Bethune; Mt. Horeb, Clark Allen; Pleasant View, Durham 
Grady; Teachey, C. C. Mac Millar; Topsail, Johnie G. Thomas; Beula- 
ville, Gardner Edwards; St. Andrews-Covenant, J. E. Hearn; Clarkton, 
John D. Ward; Warsaw, Edwin P. Ewers; Antioch, James H. Justin; Mt. 
Olive, L. J. Simmons; Little Chapel on the Boardwalk, Herman Blizzard; 
Smith, J. R. Thomas; Chinquapin, William Dail; Willard, H. McNair 
Johnson; Whiteville First, A. Dial Gray; Delgado, W. C. Scoggins; Wal- 
lace, Clifton J. Knowles; Rocky Point, A. N. Myers; Pike, Wiley Batson; 
Westminster of Wilmington, W. E. Starnes; Acme, O. A. Marrow; Jack- 
sonville First, E. D. McMillan; Caswell, Charles P. Moore; Bethel, A diss 
Albertson; Wilmington First, W. H. Henderson; Pearsall Memorial, Frank 
A. Hansil; Potts Memorial, Ben. G. Fussell; Rockfish, Julius Wells; 
Westminster of Whiteville, Dr. Ralph C. Sadler; Oak Grove, J. W. Vogels; 
Wildwood, Jacob L. Wade; Immanuel, A. T. Maynard; Pineland, Troy 
King; Maple Hill, Benjamin L. Lanier; Beth Car, Spurgeon Canady; Beth- 
any, H. B. Rivenbark; Faison, J. B. Strod. 

The following churches did not send representatives to Pres- 
bytery : 

Ashwood, Black River, Bladenboro, Bowden, Brunswick, Calypso, Cape 
Fear, Carolina Beach, Chadbourn, Croatan, Currie, Elizabethtown, Elkton, 
Harmony, Hebron, Holly Grove, Hopewell, McClure Memorial, Morehead 
City, Mt. Williams, Mt. Zion, Myrtle Grove, New Hope, Oakdale, Oak 


Plains, Page's Mill, Pollocksville, Salem, Southport, South River, Stanford, 
Stafford Memorial, Tabor City, Trinity, White Plains, Woodburn. 

A quorum was declared present. 

Presbytery was constituted with prayer led by the Rev. James 
E. Atwood. 

Ruling Elder Ramey Davis of the Wildwood Church was 
elected Moderator. 

Elders attending first time were introduced as follows: 

John Patterson, Mt. Olive (alternate); William Lucas, Winter Park; 
Herman Blizzard, Chapel on Boardwalk; Spurgeon Canady, Beth Car. 

Ministers : 

W. C. Vaughan, Nashville Presbytery, Minister-elect, Lake Waccamaw; 
Henry Chestnutt, Albemarle Presbytery, T.S. at Rockfish. 

The docket was adopted. 

The Rev. W. C. Vaughan was received from Nashville Presby- 
tery and admitted to examination for membership in Wilmington 
Presbytery. The Rev. D. B. Jenkins led the examination on "Views 
of Theology." The Rev. Charles Williams led the examination on 
"Views of the Sacraments and Church Government." The Rev. 
J. M. Irvine, Jr., led the examination on "Experimental Religion." 
The examination was sustained in parts and as a whole as be- 
ing satisfactory. 

Mr. Vaughan was enrolled as a member of the Presbytery 
upon the signing of the obligations. The call of the Lake Wacca- 
maw Church was read and found in order. It was ordered placed 
in his hands. He accepted the call, which included the following 
provisions: salary, $4,000.00, $300.00 car allowance, Hospital- 
ization, Manse and M.A.F. participation. 

The following Commission was appointed to install him as 
pastor of the Lake Waccamaw Church, April 24th. The Rev. C. 
W. Worth, Convenor, The Rev. E. G. Connette, Jr., The Rev. 
Will H. Terry, the Rev. J. S. Walkup, as alternate, Ruling Elder 
J. B. Huntington, A. Dial Gray, alternate. 

The report of the Committee on Annuities and Relief was 
adopted as follows: 


It is a pleasure to report to you that the Ministers' Annuity Fund had 
187 ministers to be enrolled in the Fund during the year 1959 and there 
were 46 retirements. Total active membership of the Fund as of Decem- 
ber 31, 1959 is 3,061. 



The Employees' Annuity Fund had 87 new members enrolled. Total 
membership as of December 31, 1959 is 454. All churches and agencies 
are urged to enroll their lay personnel during 1960, thereby providing an 
income for them at retirement. 

The Board of Annuities and Relief in the year 1959 supplemented 
from the funds of Ministerial Relief the annuities of 279 annuitants 
amounting to $247,093.32. Total supplements to annuitants since 1946 
is $2,386,936.09. 237 beneficiaries received during 1959— $251,986.33, 
divided among 167 widows, 42 ministers, 13 lay missionaries and 15 
orphans. Grants were sent to five annuitants of the Employees' Annuity 
Fund in 1959 totaling $1,993.74. The total number assisted from the 
Ministerial Relief Funds in 1959—521 for $501,037.39. During 1959 
twenty-two beneficiaries and fifteen annuitants died. 

The Group Major Medical Plan for Retired Personnel that was effective 
July 1, 1959 cost the Board $125,277.70, which was in addition to the 
monthly grants made, and was paid out of Ministerial Relief Funds. More 
than 1300 are insured in this plan and since its effective date 141 claims 
amounting to $36,236.42 have been paid. 

You will be interested in the sources of the income from which grants 
are made. The Joy Gift, 5.61% participation in the benevolent budget of 
the churches and income from endowment and reserve fund. The Joy 
Gift represents approximately 45%. The financial support received by the 
Board from this great cause was the highest in 1959 in the history of our 

There were enrolled in the Group Life Insurance Plan for active 
ministers and lay personnel as of December 31, 1959 — 3,825; in Major 
Medical — 3,348 and with dependent coverage — 1,433. Progress has been 
made but we must not be satisfied until ALL of our eligible employees 
and ministers are enrolled in this plan. Officers and laymen of the churches 
must take the initiative in this program — our ministers cannot push this 
too vigorously because they are directly affected. 

One Group Life Insurance Plan for active personnel started July 1, 
1952, the Group Hospitalization October 17, 1953. By action of the 
General Assembly, the hospitalization and surgical coverage was replaced 
by the Major Medical Plan on July 1, 1957. Since the beginning of these 
plans the Board has paid out $313,000.00 in 133 life insurance death 
claims; $614,085.33 in 5,692 accident claims. 

Our Presbytery had one minister and three widows receiving aid from 
Ministerial Relief at the end of 1959. One widow who was receiving aid 
died during the year. We have three retired ministers receiving assistance 
from the Reynolds Fund. 

H. McN. JOHNSON, Chairman 

The report of the Executive Committee on Christian Educa- 
tion was adopted as follows: 


Your Committee on Christian Education met twice in regular session 
and once for a special meeting. The members of the committee should be 
commended for their faithfulness. There was only one absentee at the 
first regular meeting — only three at second meeting. 


The work of the Christian Education Committee has gone forward 
under the leadership of the various sub-committees as follows: 

Children's Work: Rev. Charles Williams, Chairman. Plans have been 
made to hold a Vacation Bible School Institute at Elizabethtown on May 
7th. All churches are urged to appoint their directors and leaders of VBS 
immediately, secure materials for the schools that preparation may begin 
and that the workers may attend the VBS Institute at Elizabethtown. 

Pioneer Work: The Rev. Reid Erwin, Chairman. The 1959 Camping 
program was most successful. All four camps were filled to capacity for a 
total of 274 campers. The small-group approach to camping was success- 
fully carried out. A financial profit, that unexpected, was the welcome re- 
sult of efficient operation. The surplus has been used to purchase long 
needed equipment for the camping program. The treasurer's report is 

The 1960 camping schedule is as follows: Lake Singletary, Elizabeth- 
town 9th grade — June 6-11 Rev. F. Womack, Director; 8th-9th grade — 
June 13-18— Rev. Frank Elliott, Director; 8th grade— June 20-25 — 
Rev. Will Terry, Director; 7th grade — June 27-July 2 — Rev. Joe Wagner, 

Adolf Otersen will serve as Business Manager. Mrs. N. G. Williams of 
Wallace will again be the Dietitian. A permanent life guard will be hired 
for the total camping period. 

Enrollment will be limited to 60 campers for each camp. The fee will 
again be $16 plus $1 for refreshments. 

A pre-camp staff meeting will be held on May 13 at Lake Singletary. 

Senior High Work: The Rev. David Jenkins, Chairman. The fall and 
spring rallies were well attended. The Council has been faithful and 
active in its work of planning for the activities of the Young People of the 
Presbytery. Miss Pat Mallard is the moderator of the Youth Council. 

The 1959 Senior High Conference was held at Peace College, Ra- 
leigh, with capacity attendance of 154 young people from 34 churches. 
Many were turned away for lack of space. 

The 1960 Conference will be held at Flora Macdonald June 5-11. The 
Conference will begin with registration at 3:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon 
and close with breakfast on Saturday. The cost $17.00. The Rev. D. B. 
Jenkins, Director; The Rev. Charles Williams, Associate. 

A new policy has been instituted to enable more ministers to participate 
and the young people to know more of our ministers, namely, that ministers 
will be ineligible to serve two years in succession. This policy was request- 
ed by the Council. The ministers are urged to feel their responsibility in 
this important program of the church, and to give wholehearted support 
to the efforts of the young people to promote the kingdom of God among 
the youth of our Presbytery. 

Synod's Youth Bible Conference will again be held at Davidson for 
Older Senior High's and early College Students June 27-July 2nd. You 
will receive further information. Every church is urged to send at least 
one to this Conference. 

Leadership Education: The Rev. W. M. Schotanus, Chairman. Two 
well attended leadership schools have been reported; in Mount Olive — 


with four courses offered, 100 were enrolled; Wilmington, eleven courses 
offered — 332 enrolled. 

The Chairman of the sub-committee has requested the ministers and 
sessions to help establish a leadership file for the camp and conference 
program. It is urged that these names be reported at once. 

A workshop for Sunday School Superintendents is planned for early 
October to be held at Wallace. 

A Recreation Workshop will be held at Lake Singletary, May 13-14. 
The Rev. John Irvine, Director assisted by the Rev. David Jenkins, The 
Rev. Francis Womack, Mrs. W. M. Schotanus and others. Courses will in- 
clude: games for youth, party planning, folk and square dancing, and 
games for children. The cost $7 for food, lodging and materials. It is 
hoped that every church will send at least one person to both the 
Recreation Workshop and to the Superintendents Workshop. 

Attention is called to the Area Laboratory School at Wilson July 10-15 
at Wilson, N. C. The cost: approximately $20. The Wallace Church is to 
be commended for having already enrolled nine teachers in the workshop. 
"May her tribe increase." 

Other opportunities for Sunday School leaders are the Montreat Sum- 
mer School for Leaders, June 18-24 and June 25-July 1. A good investment 
for every Sunday School is to send its leaders to these excellent Leadership 

Men's Work: The Rev. F. A. Elliott, Chairman. Approximately 275 
men attended the fall rally at St. Andrew's-Covenant Church, Wilmington, 
September 22. Officers for 1960 were elected as follows: Charles H. Boney, 
President; Jack Walls, Vice-President; Herman Blizzard, 2nd Vice-Presi- 
dent; W. G. Houck, Secretary; J. D. Mills, Treasurer. Special projects are 
the Reaching-Teaching program, seeking to enroll inactive adults into our 
church school; promotion of the Layman's Bible Commentary (which is 
having a wonderful reception across the church); and the Negro Youth 
Conference held each year at Fayetteville Teachers College in June. It is 
urged that these projects be pushed in every local church. 

Attention is called to the Synod's Men's Conference at Montreat June 
10, 11, 12. A goal of 100 men from the Presbytery has been set. A 
splendid Conference has been planned. 

The fall rally has been scheduled for Wallace in Late September. 

The Camp and Conference Centre Sub-Committee has already reported. 
They are to be commended for their fine work. 

The Chairman of the Christian Education Committee has attended all 
the meetings of Presbytery's Committee, the Synod's Christian Education 
Committee, and the Workshop on Christian Education held in Richmond 
in August. 

A new awakening in the field of Christian Education is possible with 
the coming of our Camp and Conference Centre. Your committee is en- 
deavoring to prepare in every way to bring about this much needed awak- 
ening in our Presbytery. We covet your prayers and support. 


Balance, January 1, 1959 $ 580.61 


Presbytery's Benevolences $ 550.75 

C. & C. Center Fund 669.83 

Senior High Conf. 275.59 

Pioneer Camp 169.49 

Westminster, Whiteville 10.00 $1,675.56 

TOTAL $2,256.27 


Men's Work $ 213.32 

Adult Education 1.47 

Senior High Work 319.08 

Pioneer Work 232.28 

Children's Work 76.13 

C. & C. Committee 649.95 

C. E. Committee Expenses 

Meals 61.35 

Transportation 90.18 

Miscellaneous 83.81 $1,727.57 

Balance Dec. 31, 1959, C. E. Committee Funds $ 528.70 

Pioneer Camp Surplus $ 686.89 

Camp and Conference Centre Fund 

Balance, Jan. 1, 1959 $2,272.13 


Presbytery Benevolence Fund $1,670.63 

Interest 36.94 1,707.57 


Refund to C. E. Treasury 669.83 

Balance, Dec. 31, 1959 $3,310.07 

The C. E. Treasurer's Books were audited by a C.P.A. 

REID ERWIN, Treasurer 

The Treasurer of Presbytery has been designated Treasurer of Camp 
and Conference Monies and the above funds have been transferred to 
that office. 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. S. WALKUP, Chairman 

The Rev. L. C. LaMotte spoke briefly in behalf of the Con- 
solidated College. Dr. B. F. Hall stated that Dr. Ansley C. 
Moore, President of Consolidated College is available to the 
churches for speaking engagements. 



The report of the Commission on the Minister and His Work 
was admitted to record as follows: 


February 4, 1960 

The Commission on the Minister and His Work met in the offiice of the 
Presbytery Friday, February 4, 1960. Members present were: M. J. 
McChesney, C. W. Worth, R. J. Wilkins, W. C. Scoggins, H. McNair 
Johnson, and ex-officio member L. A. Taylor. 

The meeting was opened with prayer by the Chairman, Rev. M. J. 

Rev. William E. Pauley presented a request for the dissolution of 
pastoral relations with the churches of Southport and New Hope, and 
permission to labor outside the boundaries of the Presbytery. He gave as 
his reason for the request a call to the position of Enrollment Councillor 
with Flora Macdonald College. Ruling Elders Aldridge of Southport and 
Purvis of New Hope reported that their respective congregations reluct- 
antly concurred in the request. The request was granted effective April 1, 

A letter addressed to the Stated Clerk of Presbytery from William 
VanderVenter was read to the Commission. It included a request for 
transfer as a Candidate for the Ministry to the Presbytery of Potomac. The 
request was granted. 

Rev. M. J. McChesney presented a request for dissolution of pastoral 
relations with the Immanuel Church and a letter of dismissal to the 
Presbytery of Albemarle, in order to accept the call of the Williamston 
Church. Ruling Elder Henry McGeachey reported that his congregation 
had concurred in this request with reluctance. The request was granted 
effective March 8, 1960. 

Rev. Charles Worth was elected temporary chairman of the Commis- 
sion to serve until a successor is appointed by the Presbytery. 

The meeting was adjourned with prayer. 

L. A. TAYLOR, Secretary 

The report of the Nomination Committee was adopted as 
follows : 

Joe Wagner to fill unexpired term of M. J. McChesney on the Church 
Extension Committee. 

Ira Rawles to fill the unexpired term of M. J. McChesney on Commis- 
sion on Minister and His Work. 

W. P. Burns to replace D. B. Jenkins on Stewardship Committee. 

John Talbert to succeed himself as Chairman of Stewardship Committee 
— 3 -Year Term. 

James E. Atwood to fill unexpired term of W. E. Pauley, resigned, on 
Christian Education Committee. 


The following recommendations of the Home Missions Com- 
mittee were adopted: 


1 — That Presbytery authorize the Home Missions Committee to sell, 
and authorize the Trustees, James H. Clark, J. K. Bannerman, E. Walker 
Stevens to transfer title, in fee simple, to property known as Presbytery's 
Manse, located at 209 N. 13th St., Wilmington, N. C. to L. A. Taylor for 
and in consideration of the sum of $8,000.00. 

2 — That Presbytery authorize and empower its Trustees, James H. 
Clark, J. K. Bannerman, E. Walker Stevens, to transfer title to property 
known as Bethany Chapel located in lower Duplin County, to the Trustees 
of the Bethel Presbyterian Church. 

3 — That Presbytery authorize and empower its Trustees James H. Clark, 
J. K. Bannerman, E. Walker Stevens to transfer title to the residence lo- 
cated in lower Duplin County and used as the manse for the Bethel 
Church, to the Trustees of the Bethel Church. 

4 — That Presbytery give approval to the Home Mission Committee for 
the purchase of a residence in Swansboro for the use of the Sunday School 
and preaching point and that the Trustees of Presbytery be authorized 
and empowered to issue the necessary legal instruments for this trans- 


Total sale price $10,480.65 

Outstanding mortgage, Branch Bank and Trust Co $ 8,280.65 

(March and April paid since above) 

Equity of Mr. Dixon including stove and refrigerator $ 2,200.00 

Have paid to Mr. Dixon on $500.00 balance due $1,700.00. 
Swansboro group has assumed the monthly payments $65.00. 

Dr. L. A. Taylor reported the gift of land by Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles L. Braddy. The Stated Clerk was asked to express Presby- 
tery's appreciation for this fine gift. The resolution regarding the 
transferral of the property is as follows: 

Motion by L. A. Taylor, seconded by W. H. Henderson, that Presbytery 
authorize and empower its Trustees James H. Clark, J. K. Bannerman, E. 
Walker Stevens to (1) accept title in fee simple to a tract of approxi- 
mately 148 acres of land located in Bladen County, from Charles L. Braddy 
and his wife Ruby J. Braddy; (2) to convey title in fee simple to said tract 
of land to W. E. Thompson of Bladen County, for and in consideration of 
the sum of $4,000.00 to be paid in cash; (3) turn the proceeds of the sale 
over to the Treasurer of the Camp and Conference Centre Development 
Committee; (4) authorize L. A. Taylor to act as agent in the above trans- 

Dr. L. A. Taylor presented his resignation as Stated Clerk and 

Executive Secretary effective July 1st, 1960, and requested that 



he be honorably retired, and recommended to the Board of An- 
nuities for Annuity Benefits. 

With much regret and many expressions of appreciation, the 
request was granted. 

Presbytery's Council was instructed to proceed with dispatch 
to secure a successor to Dr. Taylor, and the Camp and Confer- 
ence Centre Committee was urged to consider naming one of the 
buildings at the new Camp and Conference Centre in Honor of 
Dr. Taylor. 

The Moderator presented the request of his pastor the Rev. A. 
M. Daniel, that the pastoral relationship between him and the 
Wildwood Church be dissolved effective on or before May 22nd, 
that he might accept work as director of a Larger Parish in Lex- 
ington Presbytery. The representative from the church reported 
that the congregation reluctantly concurred in the request. Pres- 
bytery granted the request and a letter of dismissal to the Presby- 
tery of Lexington. 

The standing Committees reported as follows: 


Be it resolved that Wilmington Presbytery express appreciation to 
Fayetteville Presbytery and Mr. T. C. McKnight, Superintendent of Camp 
Monroe for the warm reception accorded our Stated Meeting of Wilming- 
ton Presbytery. 

Especially for the freedom of the facilities here and for the unbound- 
ed enthusiasm which they have shared with us in the person of Mr. Mc- 
Knight, we do thank them. 

The knowledge we have gained of the facilities and operation of a 
church camp and conference center will be of inestimable value to us in 
our campaign in Wilmington Presbytery. 

The meal which climaxed the tour was excellent and abundant and 
left no doubt as to the depth of our welcome. 

We would also express appreciation to the Rev. Robert Turner, and Mr. 
White for their contributions to our convocation this morning. 



"The invitation of the Chapel on the Boardwalk, Wrightsville Beach 
was reported and accepted." 




"The following requested to be excused: W. C. Scoggins, C. H. McLean, 
Neil Stevens, J. A. Worley, Ray Thomas, Mick Smith, N. P. Farrior, A. 
Dial Gray, R. C. Sadler at 3 p.m. 

Francis Womack for the day due to serious illness in congregation. Re- 
quests were granted. 

C. W. WORTH, Chairman 

Dr. L. A. Taylor was nominated by the Rev. D. B. Jenkins as 
the Moderator of the July meeting. 
The minutes were read and approved. 
Presbytery adjourned with prayer. 

J. S. WALKUP, Permanent Clerk 
L. A. TAYLOR, Stated Clerk 



May 23, 1960 

The Presbytery of Wilmington met in response to the call of 
the Moderator on Monday, May 23, 1960, in the Chapel of the 
St. Andrews-Covenant church, Wilmington, N. C. The meeting 
was called to order by Rev. Charles W. Worth, last Moderator 
present, who also led the prayer of Invocation. 

The roll was called and the following members enrolled: 

Joseph C. Wagner, Adolf Otersen, Charles W. Worth, Edward G. Con- 
nette, C. H. McLean, L. A. Taylor. 

Churches were enrolled by their representative Ruling Elders 
as follows: 

First Wilmington, W. H. Henderson; Delgado, W. C. Scoggins; South- 
port, Harold Aldridge. 

A quorum was declared present. The official call for the meet- 
ing was read, found in order and made the docket for the meet- 
ing. It is as follows: "Transfer title to the proposed church site 
of the Pike-Rocky Point church from the Trustees of Presbytery 
to the Trustees of the church, authorize the Trustees of Presby- 
tery to execute the trade agreement thus assuming the balance 
due on an FHA loan on the Swansboro house, transact any other 
business growing out of the above." 

Rev. Charles W. Worth, chairman of the Home Mission Com- 
mittee reported that the committee had discussed the transfer 
of the Pike-Rocky Point building site to the Trustees of the 
church and recommended that this be done. On motion by L. A. 
Taylor, seconded by W. H. Henderson, Presbytery authorized 
and empowered its trustees, James H. Clark, J. K. Bannerman, 
E. Walker Stevens to execute this transfer of title. 

On motion by L. A. Taylor, seconded by W. H. Henderson, 
Presbytery authorized its trustees, James H. Clark, J. K. Banner- 
man, E. Walker Stevens to execute the trade agreement with 
James Dawes Dixon and the Branch Bank and Trust Co. of Wil- 
son, N. C. whereby the Presbytery assumed a balance due the 
Branch Bank and Trust Co. in the amount of $8,280.65. 

There being no further business before Presbytery the meet- 
ing was adjourned with prayer after the reading and approving 
of the minutes. 

L. A. TAYLOR, Stated Clerk 




June 20, 1960 

The Presbytery of Wilmington met in response to the Call of 
the Moderator on Monday, June 20, 1960, in the Chapel of the 
St. Andrews-Covenant church. The meeting was called to order 
at 3:30 p.m. by the Moderator, Ruling Elder Ramie Davis, and 
was led in the prayer of Invocation by Rev. Wade H. Allison. The 
roll was called and the following members responded: 

W. H. Allison, W. P. Burns, F. H. Elliott, N. H. Flowers, R. W. 
Graham, B. F. Hall, J. M. Irvine, H. P. Mitchell, Adolf Otersen, I. H. 
Rawls, W. M. Schotanus, L. A. Taylor, J. H. Walkup, R. J. Wilkins, 
C. W. Worth. 

The following churches were enrolled by their Ruling Elders 

as follows: 

Delgado, W. C. Scoggins; St. Andrews-Covenant, J. B. Huntington; 
Wilmington 1st, W. H. Henderson. 

A quorum was declared present. 

The call for the meeting read, found in order and made the 
docket for the meeting was as follows: 

1. Hear a report, with recommendations, from the committee of Home 
Missions relative to the purchase of a residence, located in Wilmington, to 
be used by the executive secretary of the Presbytery, and act upon the 

2. Grant a letter of dismissal for Candidate Perry Robinson to the 
Presbytery of Louisville. 

3. Hear a report, and the nomination of an executive secretary of 
Presbytery from the Presbytery Council and take action on the nomina- 

4. Transact any other business growing out of the above. 

Rev. Charles W. Worth, Chairman, made the report and rec- 
ommendation for the Home Mission Committee and called upon 
Mr. L. N. Boney, Jr. to describe the house and grounds selected 
by the committee. Mr. Worth then made the following motion 
which was seconded by Mr. W. H. Henderson: 

1. That the Presbytery authorize its committee on Home Missions to 
purchase the residence of Mr. L. F. Jeffords, located at 103 Stradleigh 
Road, Wilmington, N. O, for the sum of $26,000 and finance this cost 
with $8,000 from sale of 13th Street Manse, $10,000 from a five-year loan 
to be negotiated, the remainder from the current operating funds of the 
Home Mission Committee. 

2. Authorize the Trustees of Presbytery; James H. Clark, J. K. Ban- 
nerman, E. Walker Stevens, to execute a promissory note for the amount 



of the loan, and execute a deed of trust on the Jeffords property to secure 
the note. 

3. Authorize the executive secretary of the Presbytery, L. A. Taylor to 
act as the agent in this matter. 

After due discussion the motion was passed by unanimous 

Realizing that some delay will be experienced in receiving the 
proceeds from the loan and being desirous in completing the 
transaction at an early date for the accommodation of Mr. Jeffords, 
Presbytery through motion by Worth, seconded by Henderson, 
authorized the Treasurer L. A. Taylor, to borrow the SI 0,000 
from the account of the Camp and Conference committee to be 
repaid from the proceeds of the loan. 

The request for a letter of dismissal for Candidate Perry Rob- 
inson to the Presbytery was presented by the Stated Clerk. The 
request was granted. 

Mr. James P. Harris, Chairman of Presbytery Council, present- 
ed the report for the Council relative to the executive secretary 
of Presbytery to succeed Rev. L. A. Taylor, stating that a sub- 
committee of the Council named by the Chairman to select an 
executive secretary had agreed on Rev. James Tubbs of Kings- 
port, Tenn. The Council considered this recommendation and 
adopted it for recommendation to the Presbytery. W. M. Scho- 
tanus, W. H. Allison, W. P. Burns and other members of the 
Presbytery spoke of Mr. Tubbs from personal knowledge. Mr. 
Harris then offered the following motion which was seconded and 
adopted by the unanimous vote of Presbytery: 

That Rev. James B. Tubbs, of the Presbytery of Holston, be 
called to undertake the duties of an executive secretary for the 
Presbytery on the following terms, Salary S6,000, M.A.F. par- 
ticipation, Insurance and Hospitalization, free use of the manse 
with utilities paid and an automobile allowance of eight cents 
per mile. The Presbytery designated W. M. Schotanus, W. H. 
Allison and M. C. MacQueen to sign the call and prosecute it. 

The date for the present executive secretary to vacate the 
office is drawing near. The Presbytery took note of this fact and 
requested L. A. Taylor to give necessary oversight to the office 
of Presbytery until a successor arrive. 

L. A. TAYLOR, Stated Clerk 




The 211th Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Wilmington 
met at the Little Chapel on the Boardwalk of Wrightsville Beach, 
N. C, July 19, 1960 at 10:00 A.M. 

The service of worship was led by the retiring moderator, Rul- 
ing Elder Ramie Davis of Wildwood Presbyterian Church, who 
delivered an inspiring message. 

The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered by the 
Reverend H. T. Lewis and the Reverend Adolf Otersen, Jr., 
assisted by Ruling Elders in attendance. 

The roll was called. The following ministers were enrolled: 

M. C. MacQueen, L. A. Taylor, W. H. Goodman, Jr., B. F. Hall, W. 
F. F. Little, N. H. Flowers, L. C. Moore, C. L. Kirby, Fitzhugh Clark, C. 
W. Worth, H. H. Hilton, R. H. Erwin, R. K. Johnson, E. G. Connette, C. 
H. McLean, D. B. Jenkins, F. A. Elliott, L. W. Kessler, I. H. Rawls, H. 
T. Lewis, Charles Williams, W. P. Burns, J. C. Wagner, W. M. Schotanus, 
H. L. Willis, F. M. Womack, Jr., R. W. Graham, Adolf Otersen, G. F. 
Sowerby, J. E. Atwood, H. L. Reaves, W. C. Vaughan, H. B. Mitchell, 
R. J. Wilkins. 

The following representatives from the Churches were en- 
rolled : 

Acme, J. E. Burns; Antioch, J. H. Justice; Baker, G. Tadlock; Bethany, 
C. W. Hood; Beth Car, D. S. Canady; Bethel, F. Albertson; Beulaville, R. 
Lanier; Burgaw, C. D. Murphy; Calypso, J. R. Maxwell; Carolina Beach, 
J. C. Overcast; Caswell, D. G. Shaw; Chadbourn, B. J. Brady; Chapel on 
the Boardwalk, F. D. Fick; Chinquapin, J. Albertson; Croatan, C. T. 
Potter; Delgado, W. C. Scoggins; Elizabethtown, J. K. Clark; Graves 
Memorial, W. C. Calhoun; Hallsville, C. A. Miller; Hopewell, E. Jones; 
Immanuel, H. N. McGeachy; Jacksonville, M. W. Eubank; Lake Wacca- 
maw, J. P. Stanley; Maple Hill, S. A. Lanier; McClure Memorial, A. Wells; 
Morehead City, H. L. Joslyn; Mt. Horeb, J. Monroe; Mt. Olive, C. A. 
Williams; Mt. Williams, R. A. Thigpen; Mt. Zion, H. E. Lathan; Oak 
Grove, C. D. Parker, Jr.; Oak Plains, L. W. Newkirk; Pearsall Memorial, 
M. Pearsall; Pineland, T. King; Pink Hill, J. A. Worley; Pollocksville, R. 
P. Bender; Potts Memorial, C. A. Bowling; Rockfish, E. Wells; Rocky Point, 
E. F. Langston; St. Andrews-Covenant, J. E. Hearn, Sr.; Southport, H. F. 
Aldridge; Stafford Memorial, H. Beatty; Tabor City, W. O. Jackson, Jr.; 
Teachey, E. J. Wells; Topsail, S. R. Howard; Wallace, J. L. Powell; 
Warsaw, L. B. Huie; Westminster (Wilmington), J. K. Bannerman; 
Wildwood, R. Davis; Willard, C. R. Dillard; Wilmington First, C. S. 
Morse; Winter Park, C. S. Ferger; Woodburn, H. Field; and alternates 
present from the following: 

Hopewell, N. B. Murray; Oak Grove, J. W. Bogels; Pearsall Memorial, 
H. V. Chason; and Wildwood, G. Murdock. 

The following churches did not send representatives: Ashwood, Black 
River, Bladenboro, Bowden, Brunswick, Cape Fear, Clarkton, Currie, Elk- 



ton, Faison, Grove, Harmony, Harper-Southerland, Hebron, Holly Grove, 
Myrtle Grove, New Hope, Oakdale, Page's Mill, Pike, Pleasant View, 
Salem, Smith, South River, Stanford, Trinity, Westminster (Whiteville), 
White Plains, Whiteville First. 

The Permanent Clerk being absent, his substitute declared a 
quorum was present. Presbytery was constituted with prayer by 
the moderator. 

Dr. L. A. Taylor, retiring Executive Secretary of the Presby- 
tery of Wilmington, was elected Moderator. 

Guests were introduced as follows : Summer Student Supplies : 
Billy Herring, Tom Schrodt, Pete Winfrey, Charles Shute. 

James Short, representing the High Point Home; Dr. Bob 
Hodges, representing the General Council, and the Reverend 
James B. Tubbs, Executive Secretary Elect. Dr. Hodges and Rev. 
Tubbs were invited to sit as visiting brothers. 

Elders attending Presbytery for the first time were introduced 
and welcomed. 

Deacons attending Presbytery at the invitation of the Steward- 
ship Committee were introduced and welcomed. 

The Reverend William Burns, host pastor, welcomed the 
Presbytery to the Little Chapel on the Boardwalk, and made the 
necessary announcements. 

The communications were read by the Stated Clerk. These 
were referred to the proper committees. 

It was moved that the request from Dr. Patton of the Gen- 
eral Council concerning the proposed changes to the Book of 
Church Order be received, and that a consideration of the pro- 
posed changes be docketed for the October meeting of Presby- 

The Reverend W 7 . F. F. Little requested that the pastoral re- 
lation between him and the Croatan and Pollocksville Churches 
be dissolved by Presbytery; that he be honorably retired by Pres- 
bytery; and that he be granted the privilege to labor outside the 
bounds of Wilmington Presbytery. Ruling Elders R. P. Bender of 
Pollocksville, and C. T. Potter of Croatan reported that duly 
called congregational meetings had been held at each of the 
churches, and the congregations concurred in the request. After 
expressions of esteem and good will, Presbytery dissolved the pas- 
toral relationship and granted retirement and the privilege to 
labor outside the bounds of Presbytery. 



The docket was read and adopted with the addition of a re- 
quest that Presbytery be led in Prayer in behalf of the world sit- 
uation, remembering especially our missionaries in the Belgian 

The Reverend W. H. Goodman, Jr. presented Mr. George 
Gainey of Leland, N. C. to Presbytery for examination as a can- 
didate for the gospel ministry. Mr. Gainey is presently a student 
at Presbyterian Junior College in Maxton, N. C. He was examin- 
ed by the Rev. M. C. MacQueen on Experimental Religion and 
Motives for Seeking the Ministry. The examination was sus- 
tained as satisfactory. The moderator propounded the constitu- 
tional questions. The candidate was given a charge by the 
Reverend R. K. Johnson, his former pastor, and Presbytery was 
led in prayer by the Reverend R. W. Graham, the candidate's 
present pastor. Mr. Gainey was enrolled as a candidate for the 
Gospel ministry under the care of Wilmington Presbytery. 

A letter of transfer from Concord Presbytery for James Richard 
Holshouser was read and received. The candidate was present- 
ed for examination with view to Licensure and Ordination to the 
Gospel Ministry. 

The Reverend D. B. Jenkins led the examination on Theology. 
After lengthy debate the examination was sustained as satisfac- 
tory by a majority of those voting. 

The Reverend W. P. Burns led the examinations on the Sacra- 
ments and Church government. These were sustained as satis- 

The Reverend R. K. Johnson led the examination on English 
Bible, which was sustained as satisfactory. 

The Reverend M. C. MacQueen led the examination on Ex- 
perimental Religion, which was sustained as satisfactory. 

The Assigned written parts were reported to be in order and 
well done by the Chairman, Mr. Goodman. 
Presbytery recessed for ten minutes. 

It was moved that in view of the fact that the candidate, James 
Richard Holshouser, had opportunity to express his views at 
length in the examination, that this would satisfy the require- 
ment that a sermon be preached. 

The examination as a whole was sustained as satisfactory. 

The Reverend Ira H. Rawles, Chairman of the Commission on 



the Minister and His Work, found calls from the Grove and Halls- 
ville Presbyterian Churches to be in order as follows: 

Salary of $2,400 per annum plus vacation and car expenses 
from the Halls ville Presbyterian Church. Salary of $2,400 per 
annum from the Grove Presbyterian Church. A manse will be 
provided and both churches are participating in the MAF. 

Mr. Holshouser indicated his willingness to accept the call. 
He was ordered enrolled as a member of the Presbytery upon 
ordination and signing of the obligations. 

The following Commission was appointed to ordain and in- 
stall Mr. Holshouser to the pastorates of both Churches, July 
31st at 7:30 p.m. at the Grove Church: The Reverend W. H. 
Goodman, to preside; The Reverend Charles Williams; The 
Reverend W. H. Terry; The Reverend R. H. Erwin, alternate; 
Ruling Elder H. McNair Johnson; Ruling Elder Royden Caulk, 

The Annual Report of Presbytery's Council was presented by 
the Reverend R. K. Johnson in the absence of the Chairman, Mr. 
James P. Harris. The report with its recommendations was 


The Council of Wilmington Presbytery submits the following report: 
The Council met three times during the year 1959-1960. Meetings were 
held on December 14, 1959, June 13, 1960, and July 12, 1960. To the 
best of my knowledge we have discharged the primary assignments of 

The Council Members are: Mr. James P. Harris, Chairman, Mr. Leslie 
N. Boney, Jr., Mr. Charles Brindell, Mr. John T. Talbert, Jr., Mr. E. 
Walker Stevens. The Rev. J. S. Walkup, The Rev. Wade H. Allison, The 
Rev. Ira H. Rawls, Mrs. Adolf Otersen, Mrs. Frank A. Elliott, Miss Merle 
Mallard, and Dr. L. A. Taylor, Ex-Officio. 


Mr. John T. Talbert, Jr., Deacon in the First Presbyterian Church, 
Wilmington, N. C. is Chairman of our Stewardship Committee. Serving 
with Mr. Talbert are the Rev. David B. Jenkins, The Rev. Charles Kirby, 
and The Rev. John R. MacKinnon. As a result of the outstanding work of 
this Committee, a pre-budget Every Church Canvass was made prior to the 
date for Every Member Canvasses in the local churches. This proved to 
be most successful and as a result our churches accepted voluntarily about 
10% more for benevolences than they paid to benevolence causes the 
year before. Mr. Talbert and his Committee have made plans for the fall 
budget season and in connection with these efforts, Mr. Talbert will be 
heard in connection with this report. 




From a standpoint of members received into our churches, 1959 was a 
banner year. Our churches received 465 persons on profession of faith and 
705 by letter and reaffirmation of faith, for a total of 1170. This com- 
pares favorably with the former year when 405 persons were received on 
profession of faith and 502 were received by letter and reaffirmation, for a 
total of 907. However our churches lost by transfer to other churches and 
retirement to the inactive rolls a total of 1375, for a new loss of 205 

Christian Education 

The Committee on Christian Education has again this year conducted 
an excellent program throughout the Presbytery. This has been one of the 
best years with the camps and conferences both from number receiving 
the benefits and the quality of work done. The Annual Leadership Schools 
in the central and northern areas of the Presbytery were excellent. The 
fact that no leadership school was attempted in the southern area leaves 
something to be desired for the coming year. 

Ministers' Salaries 

Due to the efforts made by Mr. George Mitchell, Ruling Elder, First 
Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, N. O, and his Committee on Min- 
isters' Salaries, all salaries are now up to the minimum standard of $4,- 
000.00 per year plus $300.00 car allowance, plus insurance with or equal 
to that offered by the Board of A. & R., and the free use of a manse. This 
does not yet reach the standards in other Presbyteries of the Synod, but 
does represent progress. Presbytery's Council has commended Mr. Mitchell 
for this work. 

Women of the Church 

Mrs. Adolf Otersen, Presbyterial President, reported to the Council that 
the Women of the Church had increased the scholarship fund to Flora 
Macdonald by $700.00. The women have contributed $150.00 to the 
building fund of Winsborough Building in Montreat in honor of the first 
Synodical President, Mrs. Jackson Johnson, of this Presbytery. 

Men of the Church 

Mr. Charles Boney, President of the Men of Wilmington Presbytery, 
calls our attention to the Fall Rally of the Men of Wilmington Presbytery, 
which will be held September 20, 1960, in Wallace. Dr. Ansley C. Moore, 
President of the Consolidated College, will be the speaker. 

Executive Secretary 

At our December 14, 1959, meeting, our beloved Executive Secretary, 
Dr. L. A. Taylor, informed the Council that he planned to request Presby- 
tery to allow him to retire on July 1, 1960. In accordance with the 
manual of Wilmington Presbytery, the retirement plans of Dr. Taylor 
made it necessary for the Council to take steps to recommend a successor 
to him. To start the search for a new Executive Secretary, the Council 
formed a Committee with The Reverend Wade H. Allison as Chairman. 
Serving on this Committee were John T. Talbert, Jr., The Reverend M. C. 



MacQueen, D. M. Calhoun, Mrs. Adolf Otersen, the Reverend William 
M. Schotanus, and James P. Harris. After months of work and interview- 
ing, this Committee selected The Reverend James Tubbs of Kingsport, 
Tennessee. The Council approved this selection and at a called meeting 
of Presbytery on June 20, I960, recommended to Presbytery that the 
Reverend James Tubbs be called as Executive Secretary of this Presbytery. 
Presbytery voted to issue a call to Mr. Tubbs, who has since accepted this 

At the July 12, 1960 meeting Presbytery's Council adopted the follow- 
ing resolution: That the Council go on record to commend and express 
our appreciation to Dr. L. A. Taylor for his loyal and marvelous service 
during his fifteen year term as Executive Secretary of this Presbytery, and 
to assure him of our love and of the esteem in which he is held, and of our 
conviction that he will continue to be useful and influential in his service 
to his Church. 


Mr. William E. Perdew, a member of the firm of Brand and Perdew, 
certified public accountants, of Wilmington, N. C, has made a report on 
the audits of the books of the Central Treasurer of Benevolences, Treasurer 
of Presbytery's Contingent Fund, Treasurer of Presbytery's Office, Treasurer 
of the Home Mission Committee, and Treasurer of the Church and Manse 
Funds. Mr. Perdew stated that the reports of receipts and disbursements 
made by the treasurers at the meeting of Wilmington Presbytery on Janu- 
ary 19, 1960, and printed in the minutes of that meeting were correct in 
all the essentials except: Home Missions Fund: (1) a note in the amount 
of $10,000.00 was issued to Assembly's Board of Church Extension and 
the proceeds were loaned by Wilmington Presbytery to the Delgado Presby- 
terian Church. The receipt of these funds from Assembly's Board and the 
disbursement to the Church were omitted from the Printed report. (2) Re- 
pairs to the steeple of the Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church in the 
amount of $750.00 was shown under the caption "Renovations and Re- 
pairs" in the printed report and is reclassified under "Grants-In-Aid" in 
the audited report. (3) The temporary loan made to the contingent fund 
in the amount of $1,000.00 was shown in the printed report under the 
caption "Expenses Incidental to Pastorates." It was removed from this 
classification and shown as a separate item in the printed report. (4) In- 
surance in the amount of $303.36 was omitted in the printed report. 

Office Fund: The correct ending balance in this fund is $2,428.97 in- 
stead of the $2,299.92 as shown in the printed report. The difference is 
due primarily to the fact that the amount of $150.94 shown by the cap- 
tion "Reimburse Benevolence Account," in the printed report should be 

Church and Manse Assistance Fellowship Fund: The amount of 
$856.29 which appears to be total disbursements in the printed report is 
actually the balance in the Fund at January 14, 1960. The total disburse- 
ments is $730.60. 

Camp and Conference Centre 

The work of the Committee on Camp and Conference Centre has been 
outstanding. A total of approximately $135,000.00 in cash and pledges has 



been realized for the financing of this project and plans are sufficiently well 
along to warrant the beginning of construction work this month. 
With these remarks we submit the following recommendations: 

(1) Council recommends that Dr. L. A. Taylor continue the super- 
vision of the office of Presbytery until his successor has arrived and that 
for his services he be paid his full salary. In addition that he be paid 
one month's salary in lieu of an annual vacation. 

(2) Council recommends that the Treasurer of Presbytery Funds and 
his bookkeeper be covered by insurance bonds. 

(3) Council recommends that the annual report of committee on 
audits be made to the council and go from the Council to the Presbytery. 

Respectfully submitted, 
JAMES P. HARRIS, Chairman 
Presbytery's Council 

In connection with the report of Presbytery's Council, the 
Chairman of the Stewardship Committee, Mr. John Talbert was 
heard. His report was adopted. 




Your Stewardship Committee is very happy to have Dr. Bob Hodges, 
Associate Secretary, The General Council, here to speak to Presbytery and 
to direct a canvass Directors' Workshop for us at the Wallace Church 
tomorrow night at 8:00 P.M. 

Our apportionment of the General Assembly's askings for 1961 is 
$108,818, and our apportionment of Synod's askings for 1961 is $80,- 
120. CSee attached Stewardship Statistical Data for breakdown.) The 
two combined amount to $2,547 — more than for 1960. 

Again, let us say that these are not "asking" budgets, they represent 
the minimum required in each case to carry on their work. Presbytery's ap- 
portionment is arrived at on the previously discussed l A formula; that is, 
Vi on membership, V3 on average giving to benevolences for the past 3 
years, and Vs on the average giving to benevolences and current ex- 
penses for the past 3 years. For many years, this is the way we divided up 
among our churches the total of Assembly's, Synods and Presbytery's 
annual askings. 

Last July 21, at Presbytery, this Committee pointed out that previously 
we had methodically accepted the total askings of General Assembly, 
Synod, and Presbytery; apportioned this total among the several Churches; 
and proceeded to raise 50-55% of it each year. 

Last year we set forth certain Goals and recommended a plan for attain- 
ing the Goals. The Recommendations were accepted by Presbytery, and 
your Committee proceeded to enlist the help of laymen and ministers. 

I want to read these names: 

Laymen: Furr, Krahnke, J. C. Harvel, Duncan, Thompson, L. B. Huie, 
C. H. Boney, R. T. Sinclair, Jr., W. H. McLean, W. J. Boney, Gerald 



Murdock, W. G. Houck, Bob Aycock, J. P. Harris, Little, L. C. Kerr, 
Clifton J. Knowles, J. L. Powell. 

Ministers: David B. Jenkins, M. J. McChesney, J. S. Walkup, Charles 
L. Kirby, Charles W. Worth, Herbert T. Lewis, Charles Williams, B. 
Frank Hall, John R. MacKinnon, Will H. Terry, Frank A. Elliott, Bill 
Schotanus, Horace Hilton, Jr., W. P. Burns, R. K. Johnson, E. G. Con- 
nette, J. L. Stevenson, L. W. Kessler, W. H. Allison. 

We have very proudly announced to you last January that, through 
these men, we carried out an Every Church Canvass; and we feel, to a large 
degree, (1) presented the total program of our church to local elders 
and deacons, (2) familiarized them with canvass methods and (3) chal- 
lenged them to increase percentage wise their giving to benevolences. Evi- 
dence of this is the fact that acceptances by our churches was nearly $15,- 

000 more than the previous year; a 10% increase. Therefore, we are going 
to recommend that Presbytery go on record as commending these men 
for their faithful service. 

Let us try it once more. Remember our Goals are : 

1. To present the total program of the church to every Session and 

2. To familiarize churches with canvass technique and methods in 
order that the total program of the church may be presented in every 

3. To challenge each local church to increase percentage wise its 
giving to benevolences. 

Again, we are not going to recommend the adoption of a budget; but 
we do recommend the adoption of a plan for accomplishing our 3 goals. 

1 am going to ask Rev. Charles Kirby to briefly run through our flip chart 
that we plan to use. If adopted, we plan to vary our presentation some- 
what from last year; and this will be confirmed upon the arrival of our 
new Executive Secretary. However, we will use the flip chart. 

Your Stewardship Committee makes the following recommendations: 

1. Recommend that those ministers and laymen listed above be com- 
mended for their devoted service. 

2. Recommend that the Stewardship Committee be directed to carry 
out an Every Church Canvass in accordance with the attached schedule. 

3. Recommend that the Stewardship Committee be directed to select 
a minimum of 20 laymen and 20 ministers to assist in carrying out the 
Every Church Canvass. 

4. Recommend that the Pastors of local churches be directed to call an 
official joint meeting of Elders and Deacons to receive the presentation from 
representatives of the Stewardship Committee on the dates shown on the 
attached schedule. (See John R. MacKinnon for mimeographed schedule.) 

5. Recommend that Dr. Bob S. Hodges, Jr., Associate Secretary, The 
General Council, be heard at this time. 

Respectfully submitted, 

JOHN T. TALBERT, JR., Chairman 

Presbytery Stewardship Committee 




Wilmington Presbytery 

ASSEMBLY'S $108,818 

World Missions 52,936 

Church Extension 21,864 

Christian Education 10,472 

Annuities and Relief 5,854 

General Fund 17,386 

Inter-Church Agencies 306 

SYNOD'S 80, 1 20 

Church Extension 7,910 

Presbyterian Home 3,603 

Barium Springs 15,134 

Christian Education 5,527 

Educational Institutions 37,835 

Campus Christian Life 5,571 

Guidance Center 1,499 

Inter-Church Agencies 447 

Contingent Salary Fund 2,594 

TOTALS -$~1 88,938 

Dr. Bob S. Hodges, Associate Secretary of the General Council, 
was introduced by Mr. Talbert. Dr. Hodges addressed the Presby- 
tery on the subject of Christian Stewardship. 

The moderator appointed the following standing Committees: 
Leave of Absence. 
Resolution of Thanks. 
Place of next meeting. 

Presbytery recessed for lunch with prayer being led by the 
Reverend N. P. Farrior, remembering especially our missionaries 
in the Congo. 

Presbytery reconvened with the singing of a hymn and a pray- 
er led by the moderator. 

The report of Presbytery's Council being concluded and adopt- 
ed, the Reverend James B. Tubbs, newly elected Executive Secre- 
tary of Wilmington Presbytery, was presented and spoke briefly 
to Presbytery. Mr. Tubbs will assume his new duties on Septem- 
ber 1, 1960. 

Ruling Elder Albert Wells requested that the pastoral rela- 
tion between the Reverend John M. Irvine III and the McClure 
Memorial Presbyterian Church be dissolved; that Mr. Irvine be 
given the power of an Evangelist; and that he be granted the 
privilege to labor outside the bounds of Wilmington Presbytery. 
Mr. Wells reported that at a duly called meeting the congrega- 



tion of that church concurred in this request in order that Mr. 
Irvine might study the next academic year at Presbyterian School 
of Christian Education in preparation for future service as a 
Missionary. Mr. Wells reported that Mr. Irvine was prevented 
from being present at this meeting of Presbytery due to his being 
interviewed by the Board of World Missions in Nashville, Tenn- 
essee. Presbytery recorded its commendation of the Reverend and 
Mrs. Irvine to the Board of World Missions to serve as Mission- 

It was moved that a letter be written by the moderator thank- 
ing Mr. Irvine for his faithful service to Wilmington Presbytery 
as a Presbyter. 

The Annual Report of the General Fund Agencies was pre- 
sented by the Chairman, the Reverend David B. Jenkins. The re- 
port was adopted. 


The Chairman of your Sub-Committee on General Fund Agencies at- 
tended a meeting in Raleigh on March 31, 1960 of the Synod's Commit- 
tee on General Fund Agencies. In addition to the chairman from each 
Presbytery there were present Dr. Harold J. Dudley, Executive Secretary 
of the Synod, and Dr. Bob S. Hodges, Associate Secretary of the General 

The General Fund Agencies serve as one among the six General As- 
sembly Causes, along with World Missions, Church Extension, Christian 
Education, Annuities and Relief, and Inter-church Agencies. The General 
Fund Agencies include nine separate agencies whose purpose it is to 
serve the local church and its ministry. 

1. The General Council was assigned three specific tasks when re- 
organization occurred in 1949. It prepares the budget for all nine agencies, 
and assists the local church in providing Stewardship plans and materials. 
It coordinates the total program of our denomination by acting as a clear- 
ing house for dates of special emphasis and offerings, by providing study 
materials to be used by the other agencies, and by keeping local churches 
and pastors informed of this program. It publishes and distributes pam- 
phlets, books, programs, posters, and Sunday bulletins (200,000 being 
used each week in 1700 churches) and disseminates news of our church 
through press, radio, and television. 

2. The Board of Women's Work is one of the most efficient and effec- 
tive organizations within our church. Our women are the best informed, 
most active group in the Church, because they study the program of the 
church in each month's emphasis. Of special note is the fact that the Gen- 
eral Assembly approved the request of the Board of Women's Work to 
change its yearly program from January, to begin in October. This will 
be in effect this year. 

3. The Presbyterian School of Christian Education graduated fifty- 



four of its 120 students last year. An increasing number of young men 
are preparing to serve the church in the area of Christian Education by 
attending P.S.C.E. 

4. Stillman College is terribly over crowded. It had enrolled 482 
students last year. Because of limited classroom space it was necessary to 
begin classes at 7:30 a.m. and continue until 10:30 p.m. Stillman has 
been a recognized four year college since 1958. The annual Birthday 
offering from the Women of the Church is given to Stillman College this 
year for the construction of additional classroom space. 

5. Montreat College has a new President in Dr. C. Greer Davis. It has 
applied for recognition as a two year co-educational Junior College. Its new 
name will be Montreat Anderson College. 

6. TRAV (Television, Radio, and Audio-Visuals) operated last year 
on a budget of $300,000. Because of the great outreach opportunity it 
could use $3 million. For instance, Dr. John A. Redhead has been heard 
by more people than any other Presbyterian preacher in history. There 
were 22,000 requests for his sermon on grief, which has been presented 
twice upon request. There are now 559 TV stations, and 52 million TV 
sets. This is a vast field to be developed as a means of presenting the 

7. The Presbyterian Foundation now has fifty-two legacies totaling 
$52,000 which supplies interest to the various agencies of our church. 
The inclusion of the church in the Christian's will needs more emphasis. 

8. The American Bible Society was included in the first budget of our 
General Assembly in 1861 and has remained a part of our financial obliga- 
tion. We provided $38,000 to the ABS last year. But actually our returns 
are far more than this, because the Society provided translations to our 
mission fields which would be extremely expensive for us to provide, as 
well as low cost Bibles and Testaments for use in the local church at home. 

9. The Historical Foundation at Montreat continues to collect and 
record valuable information and records from past and present for its 
files. Of particular interest are the microfilm files and the displays in the 
Historical Foundation Building. 

Last year the Synod of North Carolina gave $136,986 to the General 
Fund Agencies, which was only 62.21% of the total askings. In 1960 the 
Synod has pledged to give 81% of the $227,998 which was asked. Wil- 
mington Presbytery has pledged only 57% of its apportionment as request- 
ed by Synod. The need for greater financial support of the work of the 
General Fund Agencies is obvious. 

Respectfully submitted, 


The report of the Commission on the Minister and His Work 
was made by the Reverend Ira H. Rawles, Chairman. The re- 
port was adopted. 




Since the last stated meeting of Presbytery in April, The Commission 
has had two meetings. On May 4th, the Reverend Ira H. Rawles was elect- 
ed Chairman. Approval was given to the following members of the 1960 
graduating class from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia: 

Louis Fowler, Paul Vondracek, Amos Wilson, and Eugene Musselwhite. 

Approval for summer field work was granted to the following: 

Roger Home, A. P. Winfrey, Thomas Schrodt. 

On June 20 the Commission met and dismissed the Reverend Robert 
B. Rock, H.R. at his own request to the Presbytery of Orange since he is 
making his home within the bounds of that Presbytery. 

At his own request, candidate Eugene Musselwhite was transferred to 
the Presbytery of Athens in order that he might accept a call to a pas- 
torate in that Presbytery. 

Respectfully submitted, 

IRA H. RAWLES, Chairman 

A report of the Commission to install the Reverend William C. 
Vaughan was presented by the Reverend C. W. Worth as follows: 


The Commission to install the Rev. William C. Vaughan as pastor of 
the Lake Waccamaw Church met in the Pastor's study at the Lake Wacca- 
maw Church at 5:45 p.m. on April 24. The meeting was called to order by 
the Chairman Rev. C. W. Worth, and prayer was offered by Mr. Worth. 
The Rev. E. G. Connette was elected Clerk of the Commission. Parts were 
assigned to the members present as follows: The Rev. Mr. Worth to pre- 
side and propound the constitutional questions, the Rev. Mr. William Terry 
to read the Scripture and preach the sermon, the Rev. E. G. Connette to 
deliver the charge to the minister, and Ruling Elder J. B. Huntington 
to charge the congregation. 

The meeting adjourned to the sanctuary where the service of worship 
and installation was carried out according to the assignments and in con- 
formity with the Book of Church Order. After the service, the Commission 
reconvened in the Pastor's study. After the adoption of the minutes, the 
Commission adjourned with prayer by Mr. Huntington. 

Respectfully submitted, 
E. G. CONNETTE, Clerk 

A report of the Camp and Conference Committee was made 
by the Reverend Frank A. Elliott in the absence of Mr. William 
B. Beery III, Chairman. The report was received as information. 
It was noted that a total of approximately $135,000 has been 
received in pledges thus far. Some churches have not participated 



fully in this capital fund campaign, and shall be given an op- 
portunity to do so this fall through personal solicitation or through 
the proposed budgets of the church. Construction is scheduled 
to begin immediately as soon as the revised master plan is com- 
plete. The Building Committee estimates that we can proceed 
with utilities, dining hall, three complete villages, a swimming 
pool and lake, field clearing and roads. Any churches or indi- 
viduals desiring to donate labor or materials should let this be 
known at once in order that it may be considered as plans 

The Ad Interum Committee on Revision of Presbytery's 
Manual reported progress and requested that a full report be 
received at the next meeting of Presbytery. This report was 
made by the Reverend R. W. Graham in the absence of the Chair- 
man, The Reverend William Burns. 

The Commissioners to the 1960 General Assembly reported 
briefly the work performed by the Committees to which they were 
assigned and their general impressions of the Assembly. 

Dr. B. Frank Hall — Committee on Inter-Church Relations. 
Reverend R. H. Erwin — Committee on the Minister and His 

Reverend R. K. Johnson — Committee on Church Extension. 
Ruling Elder James Monroe — Committee on Women's Work. 
Ruling Elder H. B. Rivenbark — Committee on TRAV. 
There was no old business. 

Under new business, the Reverend H. L. Reaves reported that 
he will reach the age of seventy years on September 29, 1960. 
This report is made in compliance with the direction of the Book 
of Church Order on the matter of retirement. 

The report of the standing committee on Leaves and Absences 
reported requests from the following ministers to be excused from 
the entire meeting of Presbytery because they were away on va- 
cation : 

The Reverend W. H. Allison, The Reverend John MacKinnon, the 
Reverend J. W. Miller, The Reverend J. S. Walkup, the Reverend J. M. 
Irvine, Reverend Ben L. Rose. The following requested to be excused 
after lunch: the Reverend L. W. Kessler, the Reverend N. P. Farrior, the 
Reverend C. L. Kirby, Elders J. A. Worley, Calvin Hood, H. L. Joslyn, E. 
F. Langston, S. G. Lanier, Troy King. Requests were granted. 



The report of the Standing Committee on Resolutions and 
Thanks was presented as follows: 

(1) Be it resolved that the Presbytery expresses its thanks to the 
gracious hosts and hostesses for their hospitality and the bountiful and 
delicious meal served us. 

(2) And that these sentiments be expressed in a standing vote of 
thanks at this time. 

The Standing Committee on the Place of Next Meeting report- 
ed there were no invitations received at this time, and request- 
ed that the moderator be empowered to make such arrangements 
as necessary in preparation for the October meeting of Presby- 

Ruling Elder J. Luther Powell of Wallace was nominated by 
acclamation as moderator in nomination for the next meeting. 

The minutes were read and approved as corrected. 

Presbytery adjourned, after the singing of a hymn, with a 
prayer by the Reverend P. L. Clark. 

L. A. TAYLOR, Moderator 

L. A. TAYLOR, Stated Clerk 

D. B. JENKINS, Temporary Clerk 



I. Officers 

Moderators: April meeting — Ruling Elder Ramie Davis, July meeting — 

Rev. L. A. Taylor. 
Stated Clerk, Executive Secretary, Treasurer: Rev. L. A. Taylor. (After 

September 1, 1960, Rev. James B. Tubbs). 
Permanent Clerk: Rev. J. S. Walkup. 

II. Trustees 
Presbytery: James H. Clark, J. Kyle Bannerman, E. Walker Stevens. 
Davidson College: 1961— Rev. B. Frank Hall, 1962— Rev. M. C. Mac- 
Flora Macdonald College: 

1960— Rev. Charles W. Worth, Rev. Frank A. Elliott, Mr. L. N. 

Boney, Jr., Mrs. A. W. Blount. 
1961— Rev. B. Frank Hall, Rev. L. A. Taylor, Mr. E. L. Derrick, Mr. 

D. M. Calhoun. 
1962— Rev. Wade H. Allison, Rev. J. W. Miller, Mr. J. A. Love, Mr. 
William B. Beery III. 

III. Presbytery Council 
Mr. James P. Harris, Chairman; Mr. Leslie N. Boney, Jr., Mr. Charles R. 
Brindell, Mr. John T. Talbert, Jr., Mr. E. Walker Stevens, Rev. J. S. 
Walkup, Rev. Wade H. Allison, Rev. N. P. Farrior, Mrs. Adolf 
Otersen, Mrs. Frank A. Elliott, Miss Merle Mallard. 
A. Stewardship Committee: 

Mr. John T. Talbert, Jr., Chairman; Rev. John R. MacKinnon, 
Rev. Charles L. Kirby, Rev. William P. Burns. 

IV. Executive Committee 
Church Extension: Rev. Richard K. Johnson, Chairman. 

1960— Rev. Harry P. Mitchell (1), Rev. Richard K. Johnson (ut), 

Mr. William B. Beery III (1), Mr. Fred E. Little (1). 
1961— Rev. Walter H. Goodman CO, Rev. M. C. MacQueen (1), 

Mr. L. N. Boney, Jr. (2), Mr. Gardner Edwards (1). 
1962— Rev. Charles W. Worth (2), Mr. Harold Aldridge (1), Mr. 
T. J. Turner (1), Mrs. Doris Wessell (1). 


Home Missions: Rev. Charles W. Worth, Chairman; Rev. M. C. Mac- 
Queen, Mr. Fred E. Little, Mr. L. N. Boney, Jr., Mr. William B. 
Beery III, Mr. T. J. Turner, Mr. Harold Aldridge, Mrs. Doris Wessell, 
Rev. Joseph C. Wagner. 

Evangelism: Rev. Horace H. Hilton, Chairman; Rev. Richard K. John- 
son, Rev. Herbert T. Lewis, Mr. A. E. Heafner. 

Radio and Television: Rev. Harry P. Mitchell, Chairman; Rev. Adolf 
Otersen, Jr., Rev. George Sowerby. 

Negro Work: Rev. Walter Goodman, Chairman; Rev. L. A. Taylor. 



Christian Education: Rev. J. S. Walkup, Chairman. 

1960— Rev. David B. Jenkins (2), Rev. Reid H. Erwin (1), Rev. 

John M. Irvine (2), Mr. D. M. Calhoun (1), Miss Alice 

Ann Klostermeyer (1). 
1961 — Rev. William M. Schotanus (ut), Rev. James E. Atwood (1), 

Mrs. Steve Mallard (2). 
1962— Rev. J. S. Walkup (2), Rev. Frank A. Elliott (2), Mrs. L. 

B. Cavenaugh (2), Mrs. Lou Bell Williams (1). 


Children's Work: Rev. Charles Williams, Chairman; Mrs. Lou Bell Wil- 
liams, Miss Alice Ann Klostermeyer. 

Pioneer Work: Rev. Reid H. Erwin, Chairman; Rev. Frank A. Elliott, 
Mrs. Steve Mallard. 

Senior-Hi Work: Rev. David B. Jenkins, Chairman; Mr. D. M. Calhoun. 

Adult Work: Rev. John M. Irvine, Chairman; Mrs. L. B. Cavenaugh. 

Leadership Education: Rev. William M. Schotanus, Chairman; Rev. John 
M. Irvine, Miss Alice Ann Klostermeyer. 

Men's Work: Rev. Frank A. Elliott, Chairman; Mr. Charles Boney. 

Camp Development Committee: Mr. Dan D. Cameron, Chairman; Rev. 
Frank A. Elliott, Rev. William M. Schotanus, Mr. William B. Beery 
III, Mr. James A. Hufham, Mr. W. T. McLean, Mr. J. D. Mills, Mrs. 
D. L. Wells, Jr. 

(The numbers in parenthesis refer to first or second term, ut implies un- 
expired term). 

Permanent Committees 
1 — Higher Education: 

1960— Rev. Walter H. Goodman (1), Mr. H. L. Joslyn (1). 

1961— Rev. Wade H. Allison (2), Rev. William H. Terry (1). 

1962— Rev. B. Frank Hall (1), Mr. Robert Aycock (2), Mrs. P. R. 
Smith (1). 

Candidates: Rev. Walter H. Goodman, Chairman; Rev. William H. 

2 — World Missions: Rev. Reid H. Erwin, Chairman. 

1960— Rev. J. Fitzhugh Clark (1), Mrs. R. T. Sinclair (1). 

1961— Rev. Lawrence W. Kessler CO, Mr. C. A. Williams (1). 

1962— Rev. Reid H. Erwin (1), Mr. D. M. Calhoun (1). 
3 — Annuities and Relief: Mr. H. McNair Johnson, Chairman. 

1960— Rev. H. T. Lewis (1), Mrs. W. E. Starnes (1). 

1961— Rev. Norman H. Flowers (1), Mr. H. A. Edwards (1). 

1962— Rev. Richard K. Johnson (2), Mr. H. McNair Johnson (2). 
4 — Homes: Rev. C. H. McLean, Convenor. 

1960— Rev. C. H. McLean (ut), Mr. W. H. Henderson (1). 

1961— Mrs. P. R. Smith (2). 

1962— Mr. D. A. Boyette (2). 



5 — Records: Rev. H. T. Lewis, Convenor. 
1960— Rev. C. H. McLean (1). 
1961— Rev. H. T. Lewis (1). 

1962— Rev. J. Fitzhugh Clark (2), Mr. R. P. Bender (2). 
6 — General Fund Agencies: Rev. David B. Jenkins, Chairman. 
1960— Mr. Charles R. Brindell (1). 
1961— Rev. David B. Jenkins (1). 
1962— Mr. W. C. Scoggins (2). 
7 — Women's Work: Rev. Frank A. Elliott, Chairman. 
1960— Rev. Richard K. Johnson (1). 
1961— Rev. Frank A. Elliott (1). 
1962— Rev. Harry P. Mitchell (2). 
8— Audits: Mr. R. C. Piatt, Jr., Chairman. 
1960— Mr. R. C. Piatt, Jr., (2). 
1961— Mr. Jordan Sloan (2). 
1962— Mr. G. E. Dorward (1). 
9 — Nominations: Rev. M. C. MacQueen, Chairman. 

1960— Rev. Walter H. Goodman (1), Mr. Jack Council (1), Mr. 

Mac F. Jones (1). 
1961— Rev. M. C. MacQueen (1), Mr. Frank S. Wilson (1). 
1962— Rev. John M. Irvine (2), Dr. W. C. Mebane (2). 
10 — Examinations: Rev. John M. Irvine, Chairman. 

Theology: 1960— Rev. John R. MacKinnon (ut), 1961— Rev. 

David B. Jenkins (1), 1962— Rev. John M. Irvine (2). 
Sacraments and Church Government: Rev. Charles Williams (1), 
1961— Rev. Edward G. Connette, Jr. (1), 1962— Rev. William 
P. Burns (2). 
English Bible: 1960— Rev. Horace H. Hilton (1), 1962— Rev. 

Richard K. Johnson (2). 
Experimental Religion: 1960— Rev. P. L. Clark (2), 1961— Rev. 
M. C. MacQueen (2). 
11 — Christian Relations: Rev. B. Frank Hall, Chairman. 
1960— Rev. Ben L. Rose (1), Dr. A. F. Chestnut (1). 
1961 — Rev. John R. MacKinnon (1), Mr. Robert Aycock (1). 
1962— Rev. B. Frank Hall (1). 
12 — Marriage and Divorce: 

Area #1 — 1960— Rev. M. C. MacQueen CO, 1961— Rev. Norman 

H. Flowers (1), 1962— Rev. Charles Williams (1). 
Area #2— 1960— Rev. B. Frank Hall (1), 1961— Rev. H. H. 

Hilton (1). 
Area #3 — 1960— Rev. J. S. Walkup (1), 1961— Rev. Charles W. 
Worth (1), 1962— Rev. J. W. Miller (1). 
The Commission on the Minister and His Work 
Rev. Ira H. Rawls, Chairman 
1960— Rev. J. W. Miller (2), Mr. J. R. Marks (2). 
1961— Rev. Ira H. Rawls (2), Rev. Robert J. Wilkins (1). 
1962— Rev. Charles W. Worth (2), Mr. H. McNair Johnson (2), 
Mr. W. C. Scoggins (2). 



Annuities and Relief, annual report 4 

Candidates for Ministry: roster 2; received 18 

dismissed 9, 14 

Christian Education, annual report 5 

Church, roster 2 

Commission on Minister and His Work, report 9, 27 

Commissioners to General Assembly, report 28 

Council of Presbytery, report 1 9 

Daniel, Rev. Alvis M., dismissed 11 

Directory of Presbytery 3 

Gainey, George, received as a candidate 18 

General Council, recommendation docketed for October meeting 17 

General Fund, annual report 2 5 

Hodges, Rev. Bob, addresses Presbytery 24 

Holshouser, James R., received 18 

Irvine, John M., dissolution of pastoral relations 24 

Lamotte, Dr. Louis C, addresses Presbytery 8 

Leave of Absence, report 12, 28 

Little, Rev. W. F. F., dissolution of pastoral relations 17 

Manses: sale of Presbytery manse 10 

Purchase of manse for Executive Secretary 14 

Swansboro 13 

McChesney, Rev. J. M., dismissed 9 

Nominations, report of committee 9 

Pauley, Rev. William, dissolution of pastoral relations — . 9 

Pike-Rocky Point church, receives title to property 13 

Presbytery Meetings: stated 3, 16; called 13 

Resolutions of thanks 11, 29 

Robinson, candidate Perry dismissed 14 

Stewardship, report 22 

Taylor, Rev. L. A., retired . 10; moderator 12 

Tubbs, Rev. James M., called 15 

Vaughan, Rev. William C, received 4; installed 27 


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